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WAECSSA Conference will be held at Crown Towers

Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 August 2020.

Details to follow

Download a PDF version 2019 travel claim form.

2018 Travel Claim Form

Road Travel

Private Vehicle

Air Travel

Road Travel:

Maximum of $120 per school. Reimbursement for travel in your own vehicle will only be paid for journeys in excess of 100 km one way. Reimbursements will be calculated at 10% of the total kilometres (i.e. 500km = $50.00) a fuel receipt must be presented with the claim form.

Air Travel:

Maximum of $120 per school, receipt must be presented with claim form.

Please return with receipt to the Treasurer, in the box provided at conference (with your receipt), via email to [email protected] or post to

PO Box 266, Beechboro, 6063 by 30 September 2018.


Do you have a receipt to upload? (required)


Professional Learning Registrations

The WAECSSA PLIS Manager must be notified of cancellation of registration to any organised WAECSSA event in writing via email to [email protected] 14 days prior to the event unless otherwise specified.  There will be no refund after this date.

If there has been a death in the family or extreme illness then consideration will be given to a partial refund as long as the request is sent in writing via email to the [email protected] within 7 days following the event accompanied by evidence, such as a doctor’s certificate.

Use of School Purchase Card for Conference Registration

In all instances the committee recommends you consult the Department of Education’s Expenditure on Hospitality Policy available on IKON.

Purchasing a 2-day Full Package, School Officer Day or Regional & Remote Day

When purchased as a package, the registration cost covers the professional learning program. The Sundowner and Dinner are subsidised by WAECSSA through the sponsorship the association receives.

In this instance, you are able to use your school purchase card to pay for registration.

You must enter the value of the event you are attending in the School’s Gift Register – Sundowner $70.00 and/or Dinner $140.00. This should then be signed by the Principal.

Purchasing a single Day Ticket (Thursday or Friday only)

This ticket does not include the Sundowner or Dinner in the cost. School purchase cards should only be used for the professional learning ticket. To add the Sundowner or Dinner, a separate registration must be completed with a personal credit card.

Purchasing an individual Sundowner or Dinner Ticket

Purchasing these tickets is a personal expense and should not be incurred by a school or the Department.

In this instance, you must use a personal credit card.