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Professional Learning

WAECSSA supports Corporate Service staff through professional learning opportunities held during school terms and holiday breaks. Opportunities to build capacity and continually develop their skill set include our yearly conference held each year in third term at Crown Perth, School Officer Day held in the first term and professional learning held during vacation periods. These are well supported through the Department’s Directorates covering a variety of areas including:

  • Finance and Administration,
  • Personal and Payroll,
  • Student Service Systems,
  • Records Management, Standards and Integrity,
  • Information and Technology,
  • Compliance and Audit, and
  • Employee Support Bureau.

At these events we also draw on renowned keynote speakers who are leaders in their fields. A recent focus has been on leadership and what this means and how it looks in today’s corporate world. Keynote speakers have included Shelly Taylor Smith, Des Penny from Proteus, Mark Donehue from Deakin University to name a few.

WAECSSA also provides opportunities for Department of Education Staff to meet informally through various functions such as Sundowners to network with colleagues and build a collegiate support frame of like-minded professionals. This is an invaluable source of information and support.

Becoming a member of WAECSSA entitles you to lower cost for Convention and some professional learning, and early bird registration to events and other benefits such as newsletters with updates, tips and tricks used frequently in our working day.

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WAECSSA  –  Developing a Positive Workplace

The WAECSSA committee brings you Developing a Positive Workplace, with JAC Consulting.

Highly-engaged staff are more effective staff.  A positive workplace culture leads to increased productivity, better employee morale and the ability to keep skilled workers. 

Negative attitudes in the workplace, particularly when they are displayed by management, can have a dramatic impact on the entire workforce.

This one-day workshop will help you:

  • clarify what a positive workplace means and involves
  • help you to better understand behavioral styles and how to engage everyone
  • examine strategies that you can develop and implement in your workplace.

When: Monday 19 November 2018  8.30am – 4pm

Where: SMERO, 184 Hampton Road, BEACONSFIELD

Cost: $240 for Non-members  $190 for members  (login to the members only area for your discount code)



WAECSSA – Tough Conversations™ for Frontline Staff.         


The WAECSSA committee brings you Tough Conversations™ for Frontline Staff.            

Psychologist, Michael Hawton and his team, present a practical workshop for those at the frontline of a school, council or service organisation to manage difficult, emotional encounters with members of the public or colleagues. This workshop provides the practical elements and skills for effectively dealing with offensive behaviour as it arises and what to say to defuse strong emotions. 



  • Reasonable expectations to hold about a persons ability to exert self-control so that you can respond appropriately.
  • An understanding of what constitutes ‘normal’ versus ‘abnormal’ in behaviour.
  • How to describe a problem using a template approach.
  • Important conflict resolution one-liners to recall when managing a tough conversation.
  • What the research is saying about great customer service and satisfaction.
  • What you can do to assist someone to regain control.
  • How to factually and reliably record an incident in the case of further reporting.
  • Practise at completing the re-useable worksheets.

WHEN: Monday 12 November         8.30am – 4pm

WHERE: East Perth Football Club, 246 Vincent Street, Leederville

COST: Non-members $320  Members $270 (login to the members only area for your discount code)


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Road Travel:

Maximum of $120 per school. Reimbursement for travel in your own vehicle will only be paid for journeys in excess of 100 km one way. Reimbursements will be calculated at 10% of the total kilometres (i.e. 500km = $50.00) a fuel receipt must be presented with the claim form.

Air Travel:

Maximum of $120 per school, receipt must be presented with claim form.

Please return with receipt to the Treasurer, in the box provided at conference (with your receipt), via email to [email protected] or post to

PO Box 266, Beechboro, 6063 by 30 September 2018.


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